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In an unprecedented attempt in the Lebanese modern history, the Council of Ministers decided during its session on 8/8/2005, on the appointment of the “National Commission on Parliamentary Electoral Law”.

This came following the Government’s promises stipulated in its initial Ministerial Statement: “it [the government] would, after its approval, appoint a national commission that would draft a new electoral law securing, under the umbrella of the Taef Agreement, a fair representation of the Lebanese people within the democratic parliamentary framework (…)”.

The Government also undertook to “subsequently refer the appropriate draft law within one month to Parliament for discussion by the Parliamentary committees and Assembly”.

Pursuant to the Appointment Decision Number 58, “the mission of the Commission is to propose means to reform the electoral system in Lebanon by preparing the new Parliamentary Electoral draft law in accordance with the principles of the Constitution and the Taef Agreement. The aim of such a draft law is to achieve as much fair representation and equality between candidates and voters, as possible, and to provide the necessary conditions for free electoral competition and impartiality required for the administration of the electoral process by the competent authorities”.
Submitted to His Excellency Prime Minister Fouad Siniora

Lire le rapport de la commission en Français
Read the Commission's Report in English

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